Welcome to Ardale, I’m Robert Myers, Head of Care Pathways

Robert the Professional

Head of Care Pathways is a funny title, but it’s the best description we have for my role. I help create new care services with our health and social care commissioners and then enable local people to access them.

A work day can be very varied, from meetings with GP’s or partners from local health charities or hospitals, through to design sessions with our website developers or writing our Resident Handbooks.

One of my greatest joys at work is spending time with our residents with Brabham, our family pet who is also Ardale’s qualified PAT Dog (Pets As Therapy). Brabham can have a magical effect with certain individuals, particularly those living with dementia, where he is a conduit to conversations you couldn’t have without his presence, as he reignites memoires of their own past pets.

Although having not always worked in the care sector, for the last 12 years I have worked within the NHS and the Charity Sector, mostly focused on services for older people and for those living with dementia.

Robert the person

Well, where do I start?

Born a farmers boy that didn’t like mud, I know enough about farming not to do it!

I have mostly lived in the East Midlands area, with schooling around the Melton Mowbray area. Home life is very busy, mostly due to having children every 17 years (the backstory will have to wait until my autobiography). I’m married to the beautiful Claire (an SEN Teacher), I have two children ‘the boy’ Josh, the very big brother (he’s 6ft 3) to the mighty Darcey, his much smaller sister.

I have a passion for all things on 4 wheels (with my current ‘toy’ being a 1953 series one Land Rover) and all forms of motorsport. Having said all that, my home life is mostly centered on a single ‘horsepower’, as I am my daughters ‘pony poo picking’ groom.

Which strangely enough, brings my life full circle to the mud I don’t like!

Our Care Ethos

Ardale will provide nursing care and support underpinned by an ethos of; ‘Promoting independence while maintaining friendships and interests’

Our Mission Statement

Ardale will deliver care and support that is meaningful to each individual; with warmth and personality, by a well-trained care team, as only a family owned home can.

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