Meet Ollie Smith

Hello, I am Ollie the IT & Communications Manager

Ollie the professional

Hello, I am the IT & Communications Manager for Ardale, but what does one of those do?
With technology being all around our everyday lives, its surprising they haven’t quite mastered
technology fixing other bits of technology! So, my role is to ensure everything ‘techy’ is working and to
enable people to use technology to its best advantage – whether that be a member of staff having the
knowledge and equipment to undertake their job effectively, or a resident that may want to keep in
touch with their family and friends using skype.

I started my IT career in the healthcare sector and found my passion within. I have several qualifications
and experiences which make me a Microsoft Certified Professional. Day to day within IT can be varied,
from meetings with the team to find solutions, reflective monitoring of CCTV, building PCs, information
governance audits, all the way through to running new cables and fixing a server!

Technology is thought of right from the beginning at Ardale, with Wi-Fi coverage all over the building!
But most importantly, ensuring those living at Ardale are best supported with the use of technology,
there is no greater feeling than knowing you have positively impacted towards someone’s quality of life.

Ollie the person

I grew up in London, then moved to St Neots around 10 years ago… and no going back! I love all things
outside, motorsport and fitness (although the latter is a work in progress). I am also my mothers
technical IT consultant (just turn it on and off)!

I am passionate about leading a happy life, love to laugh. I aim to bring this attitude to Ardale and create
a wonderful ethos that is great for individuals to live and work in.

Always up for a challenge and the type of person who will prove otherwise, if they say it can’t be done!
To summarise, I am not the cliché IT person that hides away – I am a hardworking, caring and passionate
person always up for a laugh whilst facilitating the best solutions.

With this in mind, please do say hello if you see me, I look forward to it.

Our Care Ethos

Ardale will provide nursing care and support underpinned by an ethos of; ‘Promoting independence while maintaining friendships and interests’

Our Mission Statement

Ardale will deliver care and support that is meaningful to each individual; with warmth and personality, by a well-trained care team, as only a family owned home can.

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