Meet Sarah our human Resource Manager

Sarah the professional

Hello, I’m the Human Resources Manager for Ardale. Often people don’t really know what HR actually does, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to explain a little of what we do.

The HR team help to ensure that we provide a happy, supportive and fair working environment for all our staff. We are also here to ensure that we employ only the highest quality individuals that can provide excellent, competent, compassionate care for our residents. Staff are our most important asset – without good people working with us, we wouldn’t have an Ardale!

As well as the recruitment side of things like the contracts, safer recruitment checks, and interviews, we support all managers with the real, human, people side of things.

Everyone is different and needs a different kind of support at work, and everyone needs to feel valued and invested in. We help to make sure that everyone is given the best opportunity to shine at work. We all spend a lot of time at work and I passionately believe that a satisfied, engaged and positive group of staff makes for a brilliant working life for everyone.

I’ve been in HR for about 15 years and I’ve worked for lots of different kinds of businesses including manufacturing, education, and both the charity and finance sectors. This means I bring a really broad experience of what works well.

Sarah the person

I grew up in the South East, and moved to the Peterborough area about 20 years ago. I live the rural life in a village and keep chickens, ducks, cats and a dog. (None of them have eaten each other, as yet).
My degree is in social science and focussed on gender studies and anthropology. I am known for being committed to equality and diversity, and nothing makes me madder than social injustice! I bring this commitment to Ardale and we are very proud of the inclusive working environment we have created.
I spend a lot of my spare time listening to and talking, thinking and learning about music. My husband and teenage son are (luckily) as obsessed as I am, and we go to gigs as often as we can. I enjoy anything from roots reggae, punk, electronica, rock/metal and even some country – I have just acquired my first banjo at the tender age of 49, and progress is unbelievably slow!

(Although my husband may not agree), I think I am easily pleased and don’t wish for much more than good food, good company, the end of Brexit, clean, crisp bed sheets (preferably brand new, every night, although this has never happened to date and isn’t likely to), and watching a favourite episode of the Sopranos or Peaky Blinders.

Our Care Ethos

Ardale will provide nursing care and support underpinned by an ethos of; ‘Promoting independence while maintaining friendships and interests’

Our Mission Statement

Ardale will deliver care and support that is meaningful to each individual; with warmth and personality, by a well-trained care team, as only a family owned home can.

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